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Jonathan Digby novels

The unbelievably talented author, Jonathan Digby, asked us to design the cover for his new book, A Traitor in Paris and at the same time we redesigned his existing novel, A Murderous Affair.


Both books are set in the 16th Century and follow the sleuth John Lovat. As both novels involve murder and deception, we created a sinister image showing the setting of each book (London and Paris) superimposed with the face of the story's antagonist. This design therefore captures the dark period and ominous story line whilst giving the covers a strong shelf presence.

Discover both books on Amazon, they are an amazing read:


A Murderous Affair cover final AW-1.jpg
A Murderous Affair back cover.jpg
book reader.jpg
A Traitor in Paris cover final AW-1.jpg
A Traitor in Paris back cover.jpg
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